We Say Yes to Meghan Markle's Non-Postpartum Pic

Someone had to put a stop to the insane post-baby glam shot, and it obviously wasn’t going to be Kate Middleton. We’re not taking sides in the supposed Meghan vs Kate divide (we frankly don’t care that much about the Royals, recent evidence to the contrary), but we’re fully down with Meghan’s decision not to get herself all done up for a photo shoot, minutes after sending a screaming human shooting out of her body.

Kate’s always-flawless I-was-born-that-way-I-woke-up-that-way look is terrific for her and for her prince (see baby Prince George pic above), but it sucks for nearly every other woman on Earth.

Was Meghan influenced by Chelsea Hirschorn, CEO of Fridababy, who wrote a public plea via an ad in the New York Times to convince her not to pose immediately post-baby?

“Sure, it’s possible to have a hair and makeup SWAT team come in and work their magic to conceal the realities of what just happened, but is that really what we want women focused on in those first few hours postpartum?” Hirschorn asked. “Why doesn’t she get rolled out in a wheelchair sitting on a throne of ice as the rest of us?”

Did Meghan feel swayed by Keira Knightley’s criticism of Princess Kate’s ready-for-primetime postpartum photo shoots? “Hide our pain, our bodies splitting…Look beautiful. Look stylish, don’t show your battleground, Kate,” she wrote sarcastically to the Duchess of Windsor, as quoted in InStyle.

Who knows why Meghan did what she did (or didn’t do it) after baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor popped out? Whatever the reason, count us in and score one for Meg.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons via Gov.UK.