We want to live in the moment, damn it. But the moment usually looks like this: The kids are about to smash each other, the bread in the toaster is on fire, and one hand is answering an urgent work email while the other hand wipes a slippery mess off the floor. We know this moment is precious and fleeting. But right now we’re just trying to survive it.

For parents—and, really, for everyone—it’s always crunch time. Let’s try to take a little pressure off ourselves. Because it’s ok to do only the can’t-get-away-with-skipping-it stuff, and the hey-this-works-so-why-not stuff. Let’s try to win back a few golden minutes and save our sanity.

How did that flavored-coffee ad from the ‘80s go? “Celebrate the moments of your life”?

Celebrate those moments. At Crunch Time Parents, we’ll try to help you with that.

We’ll also cover all kinds of parenting-related topics that catch our eye—with extra attention to “advanced maternal age” and the lifestyle topics, health questions, and related subjects that spring from it. (We actually hate the “AMA” term, so please let us know if you come up with a better one.)

We also love doing Q&As with people who inspire us, make us laugh, or give us a refreshingly new perspective on just about anything. So send ideas if you have them. And thanks for reading!

P.S. I’m Salma. I founded Crunch Time Parents, and I’d love to hear from you.

Salma Abdelnour photo by Karen Wise