Meghan Markle Pregnancy Coverage Officially Jumps the Shark


Meghan Markle’s pregnancy announcement this fall turned the celebrity media into a wiggly jello mold of glee: Oh look, another over-35 celeb we can cheer (read: rip to shreds) for having a baby late—even before she announces any such thing! And she’s a royal, no less! Story after story after trumped-up nonsense after faux-adulation after story later, there’s apparently nothing left to report, diagnose, cross-examine or fret over until Markle actually goes ahead and has the friggin’ baby, already.

So now what? Oh wait, there’s this! Comparing Meghan’s “pregnancy body language” with her sister-in-law and fellow royal scrutinee Kate Middleton’s. Pregnancy body language? Yeah, apparently that’s a thing. And does Markle’s “advanced” age of 37 have anything to do with this? You bet it does, according to Stylecaster.

“Meghan become a first-time mother at an age when Kate has just given birth to her third child, and the excitement in her facial expression compared to Kate’s calmer happiness signals reflects that.”

We’ll spare you the rest of the article. Oh ok, here you go. Please enjoy.

Photo by Genevieve, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.